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Q & A
Answers to most frequently asked questions.  From the Founder/CEO of P.E.A.C.E. IN YOUNG LIFE CENTER,
INC.   MITZI GAINES, Founded since 1994
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Question: What are the hours of Operation?
Primary office hours 9am to 6pm, Mon. - Fri. During  weekends we are closed, but in
emergencies we are available 24/7, whenever there is a need, we are there. You may
reach us @ 706-263-2533 any time of the day
Question: How can customers utilize your companies services?
Customers can contact our office by calling, emailing, or visting us in person, by appointment only.

Office number: 706-263-2533

email address:

Office address: need to know basis only
Question: How do customers become a volunteer/supporter?
Customers can apply online or contact us at the above information.  Online forms are
Question: Does the organization have a newsletter?
There will be a monthly newsletter posted and circlelated in the
Question: Who is the contact person of the organization?
Our mission is to provide a loving, supportive, and safe atmosphere to the Community and our
clients of the Peace House.  We are also a Young Adult Community Organization reaching out to the
youth providing them with programs, activities, life-skill building, mentoring, and a host of more using
the stage.
Question: Are there regular meetings with members of Organization?
We meet on a monthly basis with the Board Members of PIYLC, and bi-weekly with the Young
Adult Members of the Diamond Divaz's.
Question: Who is the Owner of P.E.A.C.E. IN YOUNG LIFE CENTER, INC.
A spiritually connected woman, with nothing bur Love, Hope, and Happiness.
Mitzi Gaines,

I am a spiritually grounded woman with
a  family oriented surrounding and I am
not just talking about bio-family, but
the children of the Lord.

I was chosen by God to do the work of
the Lord in healing his children, by
providing them with the most
inner-peace that passes all
understanding.  Per my customers I am
a angel of the Lord, and truly Blessed!
See testimonials page.

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Be sure to contact me with your questions,
concerns, and interest in our organization.
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